Tennis table – Kettler Ping Pong K5 OUTDOOR TABLE TENNIS- BLUE




Square tubes (30×30 mm), powder coated
4 double wheels, with rubber tread, swivelling

Side-mounted ball and club holders

Playback position possible for single training

Unevenness compensation up to 30 mm


Unlocking of both sides simultaneously

Automatic locking in play & folded position


274 cm (l)/ 152.5 cm (w)/ 76 cm (h)

meets international tournament standards

Game Surface

Outdoor: 5 mm melamine resin plate/ moisture resistant/ limited impact resistant

Net: height variable/ tension cord/ fixing plate
Net dimensions: 180 cm (l)/ 15.2 cm (h)

Frame Profile

Indoor/ Outdoor: 50 mm/ powder coated frame


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